The Backbreaking Options for Backlinking

Tedious to set up and maintain, but which pay off in the long term: the development of press relations andlinkbaiting are excellent ways to obtain natural backlinks. The strategy is based on the production of qualitative, original and unique content.

If you want to develop your press relations, note that this is a long-term job that will lead to very qualitative links, but generally in small quantities. You have no control over link recurrence, anchors, or targeting. But your links are 100% natural.

The other solution:Directly solicit the media in the hope of being relayed free of charge. Media sites have great stats and a lot of value to Google, in addition to getting heavy traffic. In addition, the high costs of sponsored articles on this type of site make this same strategy difficult to achieve in the event that all the links have to be purchased. As you can buy backlinks   you can come up with the best solutions.

By offering your content to influencers, you get the same benefits with a more targeted audience as a bonus! The advantage of linkbaiting is that the ‘snowball’ effect can be very fast, and the links are very diverse in addition to being super natural.


  • Potentially very effective
  • Quick


  • Expensive
  • Banned by Google
  • Difficult to find good quality


Depending on your industry, this method is more or less suitable. In some cases, the theme readily lends itself to “buzz”. We must therefore be able to offer regular content in order to maintain the enthusiasm. Another method, which remains the most qualitative,producing premium content that will position itself on strategic keywords over the long term. The challenge is to establish itself as a reference in its sector in order to obtain regular qualitative links. Being located in a niche or being a player in a growing sector can clearly make it easier for you.


In any case, the production of   ultra-qualitative content marketing is an essential condition if you want to make your strategy fruitful.

Manual link building: a good method for a balanced link profile

Long and tedious but free and completely mastered, the creation of artisanal links is also very effective.

To develop your link building, you can launch a search by criteria based on the notion of Footprint. By using a selection of Footprints, you can very easily identify interesting platforms, forums, press release sites, thematic blogs. Once this research work is done, all you have to do is go and leave a few small links here and there. These links are easy to obtain and free, but their SEO impact remains relatively low.For an   effective Footprints search , you absolutely need to master the intricacies of Google Search with Boolean Operators.